Just days before Christmas, with the family ready to jet off to Holiday break, the next Head Coach of the South Forsyth War Eagle Football Program waited patiently as we set our phone to record.  Troy Morris has done this before as the Assistant/Associate Head Coach, in our Coaches Corner, but this is his first full length interview with anybody as Head Coach, and he was kind enough to give us thirty minutes before Jeanette and the kids began hollering for him to get in the car and get moving.  The interview is below.

South Forsyth’s NEXT Head Football Coach Troy Morris

There are a couple edit points that I’ve ignored because the editor needs a physical and I don’t want any delay.  In the very beginning, there’s a little drop off, but it’s just me getting the ball rolling in the usual way.  A little chatter, then 3-2-1 and imagine you hear me say, “Hi every body, it’s Greg Golden!  Thank you for joining us on Forsyth Sports 365 for another Coaches Corner.  But this isn’t just any Coaches Corner…”   I bring in Doug and we’re on our way.

A little further in there’s a pause as I check the run time.  I might edit that in a normal interview, but I’ll leave it cause it’s very short.  Everything else is absolutely brilliant conversation with the new boss.

So  please click on the arrow up front and enjoy this Forsyth Sports 365 exclusive, the first ever interview with SOFO Head Football Coach Troy Morris.  You’ve been waiting for it; here it is!   Enjoy.

Congratulations Coach Morris!   Greg and Doug’s exclusive interview with the new boss.

Congratulations and many thanks to Coach Morris and his family, SOFO Principal Laura Wilson and Athletic Director Keith Gravitt, The SOFO Touchdown Club and anybody else who had anything else to do with this most perfect decision.  When Gravitt said he wanted the new head coach in place before Christmas, I knew it was a done deal.  Sort of.  Thanks for listening to our 365 exclusive!

Merry Christmas, and Happy (thank God) New Year!  If things align we’ll try to get into the gym for some live hoops.  Maybe we’ll run into Coach cause his daughter Clara and her mates are playing well, and I know you heard Devin McGlockton just topped the all time SOFO scoring record.  Gotta call some of Glock cause every point he scores is a new record!

Have a lovely Holiday and we’ll see you next year.  😁