About Us



Mission Statement:

Forsyth Sports 365 is an entertainment and information website dedicated to providing a voice to the Forsyth County, GA student athletes, their coaches, parents and supporters, highlighting and enhancing their efforts and achievements, through virtual radio recorded and predetermined live podcasts, 365 days a year.

Vision Statement:

Forsyth Sports 365 is dedicated to highlighting and enhancing the efforts of the many, many talented student athletes, their coaches, parents and supporters, with virtual radio coverage of their efforts and achievements.  This website will be structured to direct visitors to the area of their choice, whether it be high school, middle school, or parks and recreation, to find and enjoy the radio style podcasts in an on-demand format, organized to allow easy access and selection.  These podcasts will be of superior quality, using the radio experience of our staff to bring attention and applause to our subjects that will make them proud to tell their family and friends about their new notoriety.  The intention of this site is to bring to the flourishing sports culture in Forsyth County quality radio style programming lacking to this point in any lasting and consistent fashion.  In addition, Forsyth Sports 365 will feature very entertaining LIVE podcasts, such as our selected GAME OF THE WEEK, highlighting athletes of our five county high schools matching up against each other; football, basketball, baseball, and other sports in season, year round, in authentic broadcast style presentation, involving students of the host school’s broadcast clubs whenever possible.  Live podcasts of Middle School and other events are also anticipated.

About Greg Golden

Greg is a broadcast professional with more than thirty years in the business. He played college football and basketball, so he knows the games.  He broke into radio in Northwest Florida in a way that is rare today:  the weekend graveyard shift.  Soon, he began to see the daylight shifts and by 1990 began a six year run as the co-host of a popular rock radio morning show.  In 1996, Greg moved across town to another radio group and put his vocal talents to work as Creative Director.  One day the GM called Greg into his office and told him they were switching the format on one of their 100,000 watt FM signals from Oldies to Sports Talk, and wanted him to develop the afternoon show.  “The Cheap Seats” became a local sports staple.  Greg has interviewed boxer Roy Jones, Jr., NFL greats Emmitt Smith,  Derrek Brooks, and the late Kenny Stabler, Alabama legend Bobby Humphry,  Coach Bobby Bowden, soccer great Mia Hamm, and lots of Rock Stars like Steven Tyler, Geddy Lee and Ed Roland.
Later that year the station committed to broadcasting live High School football games, and Greg was called on to do the play-by-play.  This began a seven year run for Greg as the voice of Northwest Florida High School Football, calling more than 80 games in the regular and post seasons.  He also sat in as radio color commentator for the Pensacola Barracudas Arena II Indoor Football League team for four seasons, and served as the arena announcer for the Pensacola Ice Pilots ECHL Hockey franchise.
In 2006, Greg and his family moved to Forsyth County, GA.  He built a recording studio in his home and launched Greg Golden Creative, providing voiceover work for radio and TV commercials, corporate videos and more. Greg kept up with the sports scene as the high schools grew from three to six, the middles reached ten, and Fowler Park, the Big Creek Greenway and Sawnee Mountain Preserve opened.  He often thought that Forsyth County was underserved by the broadcast media.  Greg knew the time was right to put his passion for sports and his radio talents to work for the student athletes of Forsyth County, their coaches and supporters. Forsyth Sports 365 was born.  It’s his sincerest wish that you will log on, enjoy, and participate often.

Greg lives in Forsyth County with his wife, Carol, and daughter, Becca, a student at West Forsyth.  They have a crazy Aussie named Tobi. Like most people in Forsyth County, they enjoy playing sports in the parks, walking the Greenway, hiking Sawnee Mountain, and boating on Lake Lanier.