It had everything an Instant Classic needs.  Tons of offense:  South Forsyth and North Forsyth piled up nearly 900 yards of offense between them.  Timely defense:  South totaled 88 tackles, and held North scoreless in the fourth quarter after allowing the Raiders 34 through three.  Untimely mistakes:  South was called for a false start EIGHT times and had A 65 yard run called back for holding; North was in South’s red zone when an offensive facemask and a hold pushed them back twenty-five yards.  And, of course, the big comeback from a hopeless situation:  North came in with their hair on fire and held a 24-7 lead midway through the second quarter.  But South never gave up. With timely contributions from the entire roster, and a grit worthy of a John Wayne movie, the War Eagles scratched and clawed and held North scoreless in the final stanza.  Meanwhile, they controlled the clock and the game with a rediscovered ground attack featuring a determined Jordan Brunson.  The result, the amazing 35-34 victory over North in the Civil War at South’s Eagle’s Nest Stadium Friday night.

The celebration lasted just long enough for the echo of the cheering to fade from the corner of Ronald Reagan and Peachtree Parkway.  Then it was time to focus on Forsyth Central and the new look Bulldogs.  South Forsyth’s Jeff Arnette spends some time with our own Greg Golden to look back, then ahead in this week’s Coach’s Corner interview.  Give a listen to Coach’s always awesome takes right here.

Coach Arnette looks back at North and ahead to Central in this week’s interview.

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