South Forsyth kicker Davis Little missed a 40 something yard field goal and quarterback Cade Aycock threw an interception at the opponent’s goal line with under 20 seconds left to give Harrison High a 6 – 3 win over South  in War Eagle  Stadium Friday night.  The errors highlighted another night of mistakes by South, which fell to 0-2 with the loss.  Harrison improved to 2-0.  For the second week in a row South had a two flag penalty on a play.  The 30 yards backwards cost them good field position and killed the drive they were on, which happened several times im this game.  But the Hoyas didn’t fare much better.  They ran a wing T formation and a full house backfield on occasion and just pounded  the  middle of the War Eagle defensive front.  One play Harrison ran over and over was a wing counter.  The wing would come in motion to the quarterback from either direction.  At the snap, the wing would plant the foot and follow the running backs straight into the middle of the line, where they would pick their way through the scrum to great effect.  But a fumble at the goal line that South recovered and their own double flag on South’s final drive nearly gave the game to the War Eagles.  You could defintely say the Hoyas  outlasted the War Eagles on this night. Harrison 6    South Forsyth 3.

The replay is below.

^^^Replay of our call of the messy but entertaining football game between South Forsyth and Harrison.

I’d like to thank everybody for allowing me to indulge myself at halftime   My brother Steve lives in Ft Walton Beach.  He works at Two Georges Marina off Highway 85 in Shalimar where he has helped flip the footprint and now they can service larger boats.   This weekend he hosted a birthday party for an old high school friend named Tim Logan. Tim today is the president of Clinton Aluminum, a company in Akron, Ohio, that provides high demand pieces and parts for the auto industry and many others.  Also at the house was another high school chum, Rick Barnhart.  Rick was a fitness instructor for many years in South Florida  but he’s shifted gears and now leads warm fresh water fishing excursions for beautiful Venzuelan Rainbow Bass in the warm South Florida waters.  It sounds like a great vacation so I’ll post Rick’s contact info below.   And finally my little brother Rich,  THE SPORTS FREAK, made the trip  down from the ATL to soak up some sun.   So I got them to come together and I got them on the air with me.  It’s a fun conversation, just like you would have with some old pal you hadn’t seen in a while.  A slice of Americana.  Totally relatable.  I’ve isolated the audio from the game track and here it is.

^^^Rich Golden (the Sports Freak), Steve Golden, and old school pals Rick Barnhart and Tim Logan  join Greg at the half from Ft. Walton Beach, Fl, in a little slice of Americana.    

Rick Barnhart – U Fish Peacock Bass –  954-562-7108                 Find out more about Clinton Aluminum at


^^^Rich, Steve, Rick and Tim fresh off the golf course in Ft. Walton Beach.

Next Friday, North Oconee comes to town.  The Titans won their opener against Oconee unty, the got this week off.  So their 1-0 with a little rest.  I’m having some surgery Friday morning so I’ll miss the game.  So Mike Newsome will be in the call.  North Oconee at South Forsyth next Friday  night at 7.  Exclusively on Forsyth Sports 365.  Thanks for checking in, and don’t forget to like us!