It doesn’t seem like it was a whole year ago when these two teams met for the 2018 Region 5 – 7A Freshman crown. But here they were again. Back in the Nest again. South Forsyth hosting West Forsyth for the 2019 title in a beautiful night for football on the South Forsyth campus.

And what a game! Defense was the feature in the first half, with the teams tied 7-7 at the break. But adjustments were made and assignments revisited, and the teams combined for 33 second half points to the delight of the big crowd. South Forsyth made one more big play than West Forsyth to come away with a 27-20 victory and their second straight Region 5 – 7A title.

Without further ado, here is the game in two parts. The podcast opened with some technical difficulties which forced the use of the laptop microphones, which led to a bulbous sound. A quick halftime reboot, however, and Greg Golden and Doug Thomas returned in glorious 44.1 rate, 16 bit fully processed stereo for the exciting second stanza.

As we’ve seen, and will continue to see, last year’s Freshman have become this year’s Sophomores, and have seen major contributions to the Varsity at both schools. So enjoy this glimpse of the future in two parts, courtesy of Forsyth Sports 365 and the Wr Eagle Sports Network.

Photo credit Tami Cruz