The 2022 football season opened with great promise at South Forsyth High   The team had some size, some experience and lots of athletes   But injuries took their toll early and caused the roster to have several holes that changed nearly every week   Still, the team pulled together, young men stepped up and the War Eagles made the playoffs for a Forsyth County record ninth straight season.
Oddly enough, the broadcast booth and the coaching staff did not escape the injury bug.   Host and play-by-play man Greg Golden went down to a leg injury before Senior Night and his season would be over   Mike Newsome stepped in for Greg and cslled a sweet game, with the help of Rich and Thomas Butler and, like the War Eagles, performed above and beyond expectations.   Meanwhile, Specisl Teams Coach Chris Aycock sufferd a heart condition and would miss the end of the season as eell.  Reports are that Coach Aycock performed well innhis own arena, and is on the road to recovery. The team’s third place finish earned them the right to travel to East Cobb County to take on the Walton Raiders.  Mike would be joined by Doug Thomas and the pair would need Sherpas to climb the mountain atop which the press box sat   Climb it they did, and their call matched the superb effort the team brought to the field.  Sadly, and not due to a lack of skill and desire, Walton took advantage of their home field and ended the War Eagles’ season with a 35-21 triumph.
it was a great game, with lots of drama and spills and chills.  Here is the replay of Mike and Doug’s terrific call of the outstanding effort by the South Forsyth squad.
The season finale of our Coaches Corner interview will be recorded Friday morning and posted for the weekend.

Head football Coach Troy Morris will join Doug in the Fieldhouse with Greg on the phone and try to put a wrap on the season, then set the stage for 2023.

Many thanks to the Coaches and Parents for the enthusiasm and commitment   And of course to the players, led by the Seniors, who made SOFO Nation so proud  Best wishes ti those Seniors as they move into the next chapter of their lives.   If the same effort and determination is applied, we’re in for an amazing future.