South Forsyth was denied a game when the Covid bug hit the Cambridge High football squad in week two earlier this season.  Head Coach Troy Morris put out the word that the War Eagles were looking for an opponent to restore the ten game season, and Corey Jarvis, the Head Coach/AD responded.  The game, a one time only affair, was set for the Lions home field because they would be in a poor spot with only four home games.  Coach Morris agreed, and the game was official.  But there was another reason for Coach Morris to agree to play, regardless of the location.  A deeper, more urgent reason.  The War Eagles were to play 7th ranked West Forsyth the next week, and the coaches all agreed that they must have a tune up before that increasingly intense rivalry.  The Waffle House Rivalry.

South came out flat after the two hour roadtrip.  Mistakes and penalties, and some more penalties, and some less than inspired play calling left South trailing at halftime 10-9.   But somewhere in the din of the visitors quarters, a locker room that looked more like an equipment shed behind the visitor’s stands, the now Head Coach found his voice.

South Forsyth returned to the field screeching like an Eagle.  They held Lithia Springs to a three and out, then went the length of the field on their first posession of the second half to set the stage for what was to come.   They put 35 points on the board in the second half to go up three scores   A late TD by the Lions made it closer than it was, 45-31. It improved South to 4-1 and set up the grudge match with West next week.

It’s all here.  The moaning and groaning by the fans in the first half, turning to cheers of joy in the second.  Greg Golden and Mike Newsome got a huge assist from Joe Outlaw when it became apparent that there would be no room in the press box as had been promised.

No surprise, as Coach Jarvis called an onside kick on the opening kickoff.

Joe and Mike got help from the admins on hand for a table and chairs, and found a power source nearby,to set up the broadcast station in a handicap section at the top of the bleachers. The Lions played with grit and determination the whole way, as they have all season.  But South would not be denied.


The two Captains featured in our Coaches Corner ahead of the contest with Lithia Springs, Gavin Morris and Ty Watkins, struggled with their teammates in the first half, but responded dramatically in the second.  Their performances are noted in the podcast.  If you missed it, here’s the link below.  Their comments and those of the coaches might be a bit more insightful in retrospect.