The drama of opening weekend for college football took the edge off an uninspiring loss by South Forsyth to 4A North Oconee.  OK, second ranked 4A North Oconee.  Another night of first and fifteen and wasted red zone opportunities saw the Titans flex their muscle at War Eagle stadium to come away with a 35-3 road win.

One bright spot was our call of the game.  If I can’t be there, it’s my desire to give people who want it the thrill of dong live radio.   I gave Mike Newsome that chance a few years ago and look at him now!   🙂

Splendid job!

And our guest analyst, SOFO grad and Georgia State journalism student Bobby Missos, stepped into the role like an old pro in what is essentially his broadcasting debut.  Any broadcaster will tell you one of the ways to identify a solid performer is when things get away at the end and you have to be creative to keep the listeners involved.          So you have to be able to bs a little bit.  Bobby pulled that off nicely.  Not bad for a rookie.

Here is the replay.  The War Eagles have some work to do.  Fortunately this Friday is a bye.  No game.  So we’ll give Coach Morris a break too. No distractions so he can focus on getting his team better.   Our next coaches corner will be recorded around September 13th, the Wed before Clarke Central comes to town for South’s Homecoming game.