Turner                                                                                          NATHAN TURNER

Nathan Turner has a cast on his right foot to above the ankle.  He moves about on a knee wheeler, which he says “looks like fun but isn’t.”  That’s also his driving foot, so he’s been begging for rides or getting others to drive him around in his ride.  But none of that takes the smile off his face.  The 2015-16 Georgia Athletic Director of the Year takes his situation with a grain of it-is-what-it-is and remains focused on the task at hand.  That is, directing the athletics and activities of Forsyth County’s five Region 5 AAAAAAA high schools, and now ten middle schools.  His promotion allows Todd Shirley to focus on the county’s safety and discipline responsibilities.  So there’s no one better to open the 2016 football season with a conversation with than the always entertaining, always enlightening Nathan Turner.  We caught up with him at the FCS safety and athletics office on Elm Street, across from Forsyth Central’s West Campus, and as always, he doesn’t disappoint.  Here’s our interview below.  Welcome back, football!