Charis with her M&D, the renowned Dr and Mrs Gregory

The boys in the booth   From Left  Mike Newsome, Doug Thomas, Rich Butler, and Thomas Butler   Notice how in a couple of these pics, Tommy knows where the camera is   😁

The crowd was sleepy once the Senior Night adrenalyn wore off.  But Senior James Margiotta stepped up and made the play of the game with a coast-to-coast pick six and the crowd roared to life.  South’s defense held West Forsyth to a single touchdown on the night and South went on to win 24-7   The victory sends South to the playoffs for a Forsyth County Record 12th straight season.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

As far as the game call, I like to say I make everybody else sound better   But I wasnt around to help this night due to an injury.  Well that miss might have cost me my job.  Former SOFO dad Mile Newsome (his son Derek graduated as a War Eagle a couple of years ago) was handed the reigns on the podcast and showed that he’s been preparing for this his whole life.  Mke and his pal, another SOFO dad, Rich Butler, and Rich’s kid former War Eagle player Thomas Butler, acted like they just wslked out of the booth at the Benz   I couldnt be prouder of this podcast, Directed by Mike and now here for your Listening enjoyment   My perfect teacher moment was when I heard Mike say “The War Eagles are moving left to right across your Mixlr radio dial”   That’s a protege   I can retire now   So I will keep you from this magnificent radio call no longer    Just remember, these guys have never done this before, and certainly not together.
Congratulations!  I couldn’t be prouder
BY THE WAY I stayed up late to see if Stadium Voice Doug Thomas, who was equally as magnificent in his live program throughout the evening, could get us a playoff update   And he did!

SOUTH FORSYTH, third place in GHSA Region 6A, will play GHSA 5A second place team WALTON in the first round AT WALTON   THE GAME WILL HOWEVER NOT BE PLAYED ON FRIDAY!!  KICKOFF WILL BE NEXT SATURDAY at 6pm at Walton High School   And WE WILL HAVE IT FOR YOU!

We hope.

Stand by.

We finish with a flurry of photos from the lense if Charis Butler, wife and mother of our two new media superstars   Enjoy thm, then enjoy the game below.  Which, for the first time in five yesrs NOT COVID RELATED, i missed.  And I couldnt be happier   😊