It really was a fantastic start to the 2020 football season at South Forsyth High School.  The Blue White Game had been cancelled back in May because Covid 19.  When Fulton County decided to push their season back two weeks, it cancelled the first two games of the War Eagle’s season, Roswell at home and Cambridge on the road.  As time wound down, Head Coach Jeff Arnette and Athletic Director Keith Gravitt put their heads together and said we gotta get these kids some action.  Let’s play the Blue White on the 3rd.

Well, here are the results.  A big crowd in the stadium, masks and social distancing included, a big crowd for our podcast, with Coach Arnette making an appearance in the booth at halftime (we may never see that again!), and the Sports Freak, my brother Richard, hanging out with us the whole way, (If you’re reading this, you’re a Sports Freak too!),  lots of kids got playing time, and best of all, aside from a couple twisted ankles, NO INJURIES!   It was a beautiful kickoff to a season many said would never happen.  And the 10-10 final couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Here you go!   Enjoy the replay of the 2020 South Forsyth Blue White Game!     Exclusively from Forsyth Sports 365.