The Senior Recognition came off pretty well.  Doug Thomas’ shout out of these most worthy individuals was as clean as could be as a warm crowd at War Eagle stadium roared their approval.  DJ Mark even jumped on the mic to call out the recognition for his neice.  The recording is below.  Congratulations to all the Seniors recognized.  You are the shining lights in this unusual year.

Then the show moved down to Norcross and 2020 reared it’s ugly head again.  We had a bit of an issue but managed to pull things together.  You’ll hear a pretty clear call below, and a bit of a part of the call that was recorded as we worked to get a clean feed.  But we weren’t the only ones to experience technical difficulties.  The video feed from Norcross via the NHSA, the National High School Association, is a shot from a camera operated from the face of the press box in many stadiums across the country.  Both South Forsyth and Norcross are members.  That feed was operating smoothly until it was not.  Midway through the first quarter, the NHSA feed went down and was never recovered.  And then, as if to not be left out, the scoreboard clock froze up with seven and a half minutes to go in the 4th quarter and was never recovered.  Time was finally established on the field with the officials until the completion of the game.

Ultimately, Norcross showed what a tremendous team they have as they swamped South Forsyth 47 to 20 to remain undefeated and advance into the second round.  They scored on long runs and long passes and defended with great speed from every position.  There were some great moments from the War Eagles, who were shut out last year in this same stadium.  Mitch Thompson cemented his legacy as one of the best players to ever don the silver and blue with some outstanding catches and runs.  Devin McGlockton soared as he does for some enthralling plays.  The offensive line did all they could to give Kyle Durham some time.  And the QB, who returns for his senior season next year, played his heart out.  The War Eagles scored a touchdown at the end of the first half, with just 12 seconds to go, and opened the second half with a score.

But this night belonged to the Blue Devils.  Their head coach, Keith Maloof, is in his 22nd year with the school.  He has a couple of state titles under his belt, and looks to be in solid position to add another this season.  This is what South Forsyth aspires to be.  South head coach Jeff Arnette knows that his program is on the brink, and his team’s performance in this game showed that they’re not too far away.  Enjoy the replays below, with a description to help you better navigate through another 2020 affected effort.

Here is the Senior Night podcast.  Again, congratulations on an outstanding high school career.  Best wishes to you all moving forward.

Here is the full length recording of the contest.  It is pretty solid except for a time in the first quarter where we moved to the phone in a technical malfunction situation. It’s a dead spot that you can get through by clicking ahead on the timeline.

Here is the recording from the first quarter.  Get what you can from this to fill in the dead spot on the above recording.

Once again, many thanks to our sponsors, Dr. Jordan Mallamace D.C., and Coldwell Banker Realtor Rena Waples, for their outstanding support of our program.  Please look them up as they are pure quality and can offer you great assistance in a very personal way.


Thanks again to my podcast partners Doug Thomas and Mike Newsome for their outstanding performance this season.  Many thanks to the South Forsyth Touchdown Club, for overseeing this operation and providing the finest environment for these young men as anywhere in the county, and as far as I’m concerned, the entire country.   Thanks to Dave Uidell for his fabulous phtography and allowing us access to his voluminous library.  And finally, thanks so much to all of you out there who have tuned in all season and given us a terrific reason to present as professional a program as we possibly can.

We’ll have one more visit with Coach Arnette as Doug and I will chat with him for our final football Coaches Corner of the season.  We’ll have the chance then to thank Coach for his trust in us in giving us access to his program.  And then?  Well, basketball season is underway, and we might have a chance to do some girl/boy doublehaders as the season moves along.

Stay South Strong my friends, and we’ll see y’all again soon!