Welcome to this week’s Coaches Corner, featuring South Forsyth Head Football Coach Jeff Arnette.  Before you get into the podcast, we’d like to take a minute to introduce a couple of new sponsors who will ride with us through the final three games.


Rena Waples – Coldwell Banker Realtor            Dr. Jordan Mallamace D.C.  Chiropractor

Both Dr. Mallamace and Ms. Waples have strong ties to the South Forsyth community. They’re excited to support both our efforts and the team’s through these final three games and, we all hope, into the playoffs.  These two neighbors of ours have an avenue to help you in very personal and meaningful ways.  We hope you’ll reach out to both of them soon! They’re top notch professionals, and top shelf people.

This pic kinda says it all as Gainesville played tough defense vs Devin McGlockton

South Forsyth Head Football Coach Jeff Arnette joins Greg Golden and Doug Thomas for this week’s Coaches Corner.  The discussion surrounds last week’s tough loss to Gainesville at Homecoming, when the team surrendered FIVE turnovers.  As coach says, you won’t win many football games when you turn it over five times.  You’ll hear that comment and more in this week’s conversation.

So here we go.  Welcome our new sponsors with us, then get into the conversation in this week’s Coaches Corner, with Greg, Doug and Coach Arnette.