South Forsyth Head Football Coach Jeff Arnette sat down with Greg Golden and (welcome back) Doug Thomas to talk about the tough double overtime loss at West Forsyth.  He described it as a heartbreaker, which it was for South fans.  West fans were a bit more celebratory.

Here’s the Coaches Corner for this week.  A look back at the surprising effort from the Wolverines, and a look at the elephant in the room.  The Red Elephant from Gainesville.  This is provided via emergency service from our Game Day stash and T-Mobile, as the Comcast service at Forsyth Sports 365’s Home Office has been down now for the last 27 hours.

This is a great interview because it is clearly a crossroads for the War Eagles.  Standing at 1-1 in the seven team Region 6, 7A, a loss for a 1-2 region record with Denmark, North Forsyth and Forsyth Central still to play would certainly put pressure on the team and have them rooting for others instead of holding the torch.

Here you go, just in time for the contest vs. Gainesville, your Coaches Corner.  As always, we prefer the treats over the tricks.  We’ll see soon who gets candy and who gets a rock.

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