South Forsyth could smell victory Friday night.  With less than a minute left in it’s game against Harrison, the War Eagles attempted a pass and the Hoyas were called for pass interference, and then a late flag flew.  Dead ball, personal foul, uneccessary roughness.  The refs marched the ball all the way down to the Hoya’s eight yard line.  First and goal for South with plenty of time to attempt a couple plays.  Even if they didn’t get into the end zone, the reliable leg of kicker Davis Love could surely tie the thing up and send it into overtime.  Head Coach Troy Morris said the play they called was one they work on in practice every day; a goal line fade.  On this attempt, however, the pass was into  coverage and came up a little short, and the Harrison defender intercepted the throw and sealed the win.  6-3 Hoyas was your final.

In this week’s Coaches Corner, Coach Morris says you can’t hang a game on any one play.  It’s the whole game.  The only thing you can do is continue to coach and do everything you can to help your team get better.  Coach joins Doug Thomas, Greg Golden, and special guest Mike Newsome in a discussion about how to get past the myriad of mistakes that have plagued the  team the first two games of the 2023 season.  Listen in to find out how they can shake it off and get ready for a tough North Oconee squad that will invade War Eagle Stadium this Friday night.

With Greg out for surgery, Mike will call the play-by-play, and assisting him as color commentator will be a young man who has a special view of the team.  Bobby Missos graduated from South last year and is currently studying journalism at Georgia State.  His little brother Michael Missos is a junior quarterback coming off an injury.  The two spend a lot of time talking football, and Bobby  knows a lot of the players on this years’ squad.  Bobby has spent some time writing for the Forsyth County News and loves sports broadcasts on the radio. He sounds good on the phone, so we’ll try to get hime a little resume building time in the botth.  Air time is 7pm Friday night, kickoff is 7:30pm.   Remember, you can come to the game and not miss a minute of the broadcast because we record it and post it over the weekend.  So come on out, scream for the War Eagles, and then listen to the broadcast debut of one of our own.  Maybe little brother Mike will get a few snaps if he’s cleared to play.

^^^Coaches Corner August 30, 2023, with Greg Golden, Doug Thomas, Mike Newsome, and SOFO Head Football Coach Troy Morris.