South Forsyth Head Football Coach Troy Morris joins Greg Golden and Doug Thomas in this week’s Coaches Corner to talk about a Heartbreaking Homecoming.  Denmark High snuck away with a 17-14 win in a beautiful setting in War Eagle Stadium.  “Everything But The Win” is a perfect way to describe the evening.  Huge loud crowd, tenacious football from the start, perfect moonlit setting, just four points short.  Everything but the win.  Indeed, I had to dry my eyes and wipe away the tears as I unloaded on Caoch Morris.  I wantewd that win for him and the program so badly.  “That’s sports”, he said.

Time to move on to Nlorth Frsyth and the Civil War coming this Friday night.  Enjoy this week’s discussion here:

Remember, this week’s podcast will open at 6:15p to accommodate Senior Night with Doug Thomas call from the field mic.

For those of you who never get enough drama and pain, hdere’s the replay from last week’s contest vs. Denmark.

And a few pics from the lens of Dave Uidel.   Rick Sears, congratuations old boy!   Way to be “the dad”.   I tried to find pics of the King among this collection but wasshut out.  I’m sure you have a bunch of them.

The lovely queen Miss Belue and a few besties.  How come we’ve never had Buck on the radio with us?