South Forsyth Head Football Coach Troy Morris applauded his team’s effort in their Friday night  win over North Forsyth on Senior Night at War Eagle Stadium.   The War Eagles rebounded from their tough home loss to Denmark with a dominating win over their rivals from Coal Mountain.

With a mist that was messy enough to force the coaching staff and their sensitive equipment into the dry press box, Mike Newsome and I were forced out.   Initial disappointment was followed by a rush as I texted Coach Morris asking for field access.  He responded with a couple rules:  25 yd line to end zone either end, no player intervews, and get Athletic Director Keith Gravitt to approve.  A quick text exchange with the girls hoops coach telling us to stay behind the yellow line and we were set.

The opening of the podcast is special. We had a bunch of kids hanging around in the Eagle’s Nest cafe there at the stadium, and so I asked them would they like to help us open the podcast. Sayla and Grant Boneventure , the kids of Coach Bonny, were there with their posse (and their amused mom)  and they all helped us make the event bigger.  🙂  The results are delightful and saved here for posterity as little audio clips.

So we’ve got three things for you:  Coaches Corner, with Coach Morris and Doug and me, we’ve got the replay of the game in two parts, cause we had to go to Mike’s phone in the second half as my battery drained, and we’ve got the snippets with the ghoulish groupies.

Oh and at the end of Part One I’ve got the band recorded from right in front of the band on the sideline.  It’s amazing!

Thanks for checking in to this week’s addition of Coaches Corner!   There’s a lot here so we got it out early!

Coaches Corner: SOFO’s Troy Morris with Greg and Doug

  The Bonaventure kids and friends help open the Friday                                              show

The link to the recording of our live podcast of the first half of South’s win over North, including the band!

The link to the recording of the second half of South’s win  over North.