South Forsyth’s football squad didn’t win the scrimmage Friday Night at The Nest, the scoreboard leaving no doubt about that, showing a 41-21 advantage for the North Gwinnett Bulldogs.  But first of all, that’s not correct.   It should’ve read 41-28, but for a bizzare sequence wherein the receiver of a punt for NG fumbled the ball into the endzone.  from there its one of those ball is still loose moments into the southwest corner that South finally grabbed and turned into a touchdown.  But the refs ruled it invalid according to the rules installed for the scrimmage.  Only one problem there; the punts were supposed to be live.

Whatever.  I will guarantee you this.  There is not a better team on South’s schedule the rest of the way.   And despite a couple of glaring errors that NG turned into points, like a fifteen yard pick six that saw one of those talented NG DBs jump the roue perfectly.  But starting QB Ty Watkins threw a couple beautiful long touchdown passes once Coach Troy Morris turned them lose..   Remember, the War Eagles put up 21 points on a defense that pitched four shutouts last season.

So here is your replay   Me and Mike Newsome had a ball with the call, Joe Outlaw was  terrific at the half with some timely statistics, and after the game too!   Did you know that South Forsyth outgained North Gwinnett?   Yeah listen to this:  387 to 356.  In spite of those long runs.  So they got that going for them..:)  And of course Doug Thomas was great on the field mic.  I was able to shut up a couple times just as Doug was delivering some important information   See Doug and I have great chemisgtry even when we’re not on the same medium.

Here is the replay of last night’s ballgame!

      North Gwinnett at South Forsyth

Our next event is Wed morning where we’ll get to chat with Coach Morris and get his thoughts on his team’s performance.  As I mentioned, the officiating crew was a bit suspect by my estimation last night, and I was thrilled to see Coach Morris take his case to the middle of the field after another seemingly anti-South call by the zebras.   Way to go Coach!   That’s what we want to see!  A little fire like Coach Arnette, who made an appearance on the sideline in the final quarter to a rousing ovation from everybody in the stadium.

Thanks for joining us.  See yoiu LIVE next Friday night at 7 from Roswell for the exclusive South Forsyth season opener against the Hornets.