Dylan Lonergam lived up to his billing Friday night.  The Alabama commit and quartrrback of the Brookwood Broncos threw for more than 400 yards and 4 touchdowns as Brookwood beat South Forsyth 41-24.  The performance overshadowed a strong performance by South quarterback Ty Watkins, who accounted for three scores for the
War Eagles.

The lively broadcast from the press box at Dave Hunter Community stadium is presented here in its entirety. The effort was further enhanced by the addition of a third voice.  With Doug Thomas off on a carribbean cruise, home game co-host Mike Newsome joined Greg Golden on the call.  Brookwood legend JJ Brinkerhoff, who played qb at Brookwood in 1989, but today is on the game night team with Doug Thomas, arranged the set up and was given a mic.

The rest is pure entertainment.   A perfect broadcast except for the loss.  The replay is below.