Sports this weekend is a full plate from a variety of games. Augusta is hosting the Masters Golf Championship, Baseball is in full swing with balls flying out of the yard at a record pace, and the NBA Playoffs begin, this year for the first time in fifteen seasons without LeBron James on a roster. Richard, aka The Sports Freak, and I were chatting about all this and the idea of the 70/30 guy came up, as it often does. What’s a 70/30 guy? Well, I decided to start rolling, and this is what came out.

Greg and Rich discuss the 70/30 guy, with a couple of examples
Charles Matthews 70
Charles Matthews 30

Nick Weatherspoon was definitely challenged offensively, but he was a 90/10 guy defensively. In his four seasons with the Bullets, he was charged with guarding some of the legends of the game, including (above, in order) Milwaukee’s Bobby Dandridge, Boston’s Paul Silas and John Havlicek, and Atlanta legend Sweet Lew Hudson.

Weatherspoon played in the NBA for seven seasons. Three with the Bullets, one with the Sonics, one with the Bulls (the year the Bullets beat the Sonics for the title), and two with the San Diego Clippers. He was a 1973 first round draft pick by the Bullets out of Illinois, where his jersey # 12 is retired and hangs in the rafters. He returned to his native Ohio after his playing career ended, where he served his hometown of Canton as an insurance agent for 25 years. Weatherspoon passed away in 2008 from complications from degenerative disc disease in his spine. He was 58. The memory of his name called after his many 70% heroics will not fade from the memory of long time NBA fans.

Nick… Weather – SPOOOOOOOOON!!

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