Keeping your injury report close to the vest is nothing new to football coaches at every level.  You don’t want to give your opponent anything to build on going in to the next game.  So “a little banged up” is as good as we’ll get from Jeff Arnette, the head coach at South Forsyth, ahead of the home opener against Etowah.  He did allow, however, that Jordan Brunson is a game time decision.  Brunson, the War Eagles’ talented Junior running back, suffered a high ankle sprain last week at Blessed Trinity.  While not a debilitating injury, it’s one of the most painful you can acquire and still walk onto the field.  Arnette says Brunson wants to play, but the decision won’t be made until about 7pm Friday night.  So meantime, take ten minutes and get Coach Arnette’s thoughts coming off one of the most lopsided losses in South’s recent past.  As he also says, it’s always great to come home after a tough outing.  We’ll have it LIVE for you Friday night @ 6:45 right here.

Here’s Coach Arnette with Greg Golden: