• After it was over, after the celebration in a perfect evening of football, when you were all alone in your own quiet place…

Did you tear up a little bit?

C’mon.   You did, didn’t you?

That was personally one of the most satisfyingly excellent events I have ever been associated with.   Congratulations to the entire South Forsyth community on a splendid Blue White Game 2020.

We even had a surprise special guest.   The Sports Freak, my brother Richard Golden.  Rich was my color commentator in my first few seasons. Lately his son Josh is in the band at West, so he’s at their games    It was great to have him there and Rich does as only he can   Remember, if you’re reading this, you’re a sports freak too.

I have the replay poised for publication but I am going to enjoy the moment for a bit longer as many of you are.
The replay is worth the wait.  War Eagle Head Coach Jeff Arnette even made his way up to the booth. At Halftime!    Talk about exclusives.   That in itself is worth the listen to the replay when I post it tomorrow afternoon.
Well done SOFO.   South Strong!