South Forsyth Head Football Coach Jeff Arnette

It was a game for the ages, an uncanny comeback against a very good football team. Even though it came up just short, the 34-31 loss to Blessed Trinity after South Forsyth trailed 34-7 early in the fourth quarter unveiled something about this team. Despite the L, this team proved to itself and more than a handful of observers that it is indeed very good, and that certainly there is no quit in them. In this week’s Coach’s Corner, Jeff Arnette, the War Eagles’ Head Coach…as much as he wants to move on and focus on Etowah…spends a few moments with Greg Golden talking about what it was like for him on the sidelines as he and his staff and team stuck together and nearly pulled off a tremendous comeback. Then, looking ahead to the next game, this Friday night at Etowah, Coach describes how his team will apply what they learned from that superb effort. Here’s this week’s most interesting Coach’s Corner.

Head Coach Jeff Arnette chats with Greg Golden after Blessed Trinity and ahead of Etowah

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