Raider Valley is our destination this Friday Night for our Forsyth Sports 365 Game of the Week LIVE.  The facility is in our opinion one of the finest in the state, and brings a large crowd of Raider faithful and a solid home field advantage.  Head Football Coach Robert Craft led his Raiders onto the field last week at Sequoyah and lost in the toughest way you can…on a late field goal.  Coach Craft shares a few thoughts on that tough season opening loss, this week’s opponent Johns Creek, and the Great American Eclipse in this exclusive interview with our own Greg Golden.

365:  All right Coach, let’s get it out of the way right up front.  How did you and your team enjoy the eclipse?

Coach Craft:  it was my first one, so I was really looking forward to it.  It didn’t get as dark as I expected, but it was still a little crazy.  The players kind of hung out together and experienced it as a team.  I think it was a good experience.

365:  A little team building time after a tough opening night loss at Sequoyah.  (North lost on a late field goal 30-28)  Talk about the takeaways from Friday night.

Coach Craft:  Well, I thought we came in with a good game plan.  We wanted to run the football, and we did.  We rushed for more that 200 yards, a lot more than they did.

365:  I noticed that.  But you had to dig out of an early hole, down two scores in the first quarter.  You’re down 14-0, but you came back and took the lead.  How does that happen, what was the game changer?  Was it a particular play or play call?

Coach Craft:   No, I can’t say it was any particular call.  We just didn’t lose our focus and confidence.  We stayed true to ourselves and knew there was a lot of football left to be played.  Our guys never lost their confidence.  We’ve just got to remember to hang on to the football.  Turnovers hurt us and we couldn’t account for the lost opportunities.  Getting the lead was big for us, but they had some time left and a good kicker, and it worked in their favor.

365:   So now it’s home to Raider Valley for the home opener vs Johns Creek.  Every home game at North Forsyth has some kind of theme, and the opener is usually a Military Night in honor of your outstanding ROTC program.  Is that the theme Friday Night?

Coach Craft:   Yes, it’s Military Night.  We’ll be celebrating the long tradition at North Forsyth of our outstanding ROTC program, which has been a big part of our student culture here for many years.  We’ll have some special guests and let the procession and flag waving get our crowd fired up.

365:   Tell us what you know abut Johns Creek.

Coach craft:   Well, they have a new head coach over there, they lost a good man to Roswell.  They also lost quite a few seniors to graduation.  So we know watching film from last year’s playoff team won’t make much of a difference.  They’ll come in here with a plan and we’re just going to have to stop it.  Our defense will be ready.  They gained a lot of confidence at Sequoyah in that comeback effort, so they’ll be hungry to turn it loose at home.  Offensively, we want to run the ball. Again, I think it would have been very different last week if we could’ve just held on to the ball.  So we’re going to focus on that in practice this week and hope it pays off Friday night.

365:  OK, Coach, I know you have to run and get practice started today.  Get out there and get after it.  I hope you have a good week of practice, and best wishes Friday Night.  We’re happy to be there calling the game live and I know you’ll give us your best.  Thanks much!

Coach Craft:   All right Greg, thanks for all you do for the county and North Forsyth.  We look forward to having you.  Go Raiders!

Forsyth sports 365 will go LIVE from North Forsyth’s Raider Valley at Friday night at 6:45.  We’ll take a look at both squads, give some insight into Military Night, and then bring you the live call as North Forsyth hosts Johns Creek in the home opener in Raider Valley.  Don’t miss a minute of the action as Greg Golden and Richard Golden welcome Jon Benson III back to the booth.  It’s a big night of festivities and football, and it’s LIVE!!  ONLY on Forsyth Sports 365!