Spring ball and the school year have ended, leaving us with a taste for more football.  Well here you go.
Greg Golden and Doug Thomas host  two part Coaches Corner.  Part one is thirty munutes with South Forsyth Head Football Coach Troy Morris.  Part two is spent with his three coordinators:  Offense’s Heath Hover, Defense’s Ross Walker, and Special Team’s Chris Aycock.  Youve got about two months to kill before our next Coaches Corner the week of the season opening scrimmage at Shiloh.  Here’s a whole bunch of Coach Speak to get you through the summer.  These gentlemen are at the top of their game and the rests are informative and entertaining.  No spoilers here.  Youve just got to sit down and listen.   When you do, youll be more than ready for the start of the 2022 football season at South Forsyth.
Thanks for logging on!   Enjoy.

Greg Golden and Doug Thomas with Coach Troy Morris.

Greg and Doug with Coaches Heath Hover, Ross Walker and Chris Aycock.