Greg Golden and Mike Newsome have the call as the South Forsyth Blue squad gets the win and the shutout over the White team 10-0 in the annual Blue/White Spring Scrimmage at South Forsyth High School.    Three things stood out in the game.

  1.  The team has some size, on the d-line and the o-line, and at linebacker.  Watching the kids on both teams run to the ball and then stuff the ballcarrier was a pleasure.
  2.  The kids are disciplined for their first time out together.   While the officiating was low key, there were far less offsides and encroachments than in recent years.
  3.  This team has four capable quarterbacks.  There will be plenty of time over the summer to work on the steps and the throws that will make the difference in the fall.                                                                                                                                                  Here’s your replay, with a terrific interview with the one and only Joe Outlaw at halftime.  We found out today Joe will be in the booth next to us all season.  We tapped him for content and he delivered, as you will hear.  That’ll be something to look forward to next August.