Here it is! We sit down with South Forsyth High School Head Trainer Diane King for a look at today and tomorrow but not the day after tomorrow. No, just far enough to know that there is still going to be some high school sports the next day. She has some great insights you don’t want to miss. Like any time with Coach Di RIGHT!!! But especially now because a special somebody was eves dropping! WHO WAS IT? It was Jennifer Burkhardt, Public Relations Coordinator for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Jennifer was on anther phone listening in. Fortunately for us, Jennifer has heard us on Forsyth Sports 365 and kind of knew what to expect. It was fun knowing we were going to get an instant review, and Jennifer didn’t disappoint. She gave us high marks on both content and quality! (Thanks Jennifer!) So click the start arrow and see for yourself as we debut the podcast. It’s SFHS Head Trainer Diane King with Greg Golden for the mid-August Assessment of South Forsyth Sports. Exclusively on Forsyth Sports 365!

South Forsyth High Head Trainer Diane King with Greg Golden.
Coach Di in her famous pose with TVs High Five Sports iconic hand.

Oh, and if you were looking for Doug Thomas, he’s enjoying an after-daughter’s wedding respite down on the Gold Coast, resplendent with Gulf Coast sunsets over the pool. He’ll be back soon. At least he says he will…