South Forsyth High School Touchdown Club Board Members (from left):  Dan Jagoe, Ashleigh Winkie, Alan Martin, Martha Slott, Derek Kline, Cissy Elkins, Joe Outlaw,     Deborah Jagoe, Scott Shanley, Beth Gallagher

I met Ashleigh Winkie back in August, before the very first regular season game of the year, at the South Forsyth Touchdown Club Pavillion, The Eagle’s Nest.  I had interviewed a few members of the board who I had selected at random, because I wanted to feature people behind the scenes in Forsyth County sports.  The interviews with Board President Joe Outlaw, Gameday Coordinator Martha Slott and Facilities Coordinator Scott Shanley are available in our archives.  So when I met Ashleigh, she backed me up against a support pole and said in a menacing tone, “Next time you better interview ME!”  She was playing, of course (I think), but guess what?  Next time has finally arrived.  And what a treat this is.  The interview with Ashleigh was so good we snapped off twenty five minutes before we even said hello.  It was so good I couldn’t let it go with just one.  So I’ve split it into two virtual radio podcasts, just so you can make a trip to the fridge and not miss anything.  Sort of like a long commercial break in the Super Bowl.  This is a must listen.  Ashleigh is a teacher at Lakeside Middle School, the Touchdown Club Secretary, or, as she would prefer, the “Queen of Communications”, and parent to the Eagle’s starting center.  And she brings some stellar, fluid commentary on the whole world of big time Georgia High School Football.  Many thanks to Ashleigh and the students in her 11 am class for giving us just a second longer, because it was so good it was hard to stop.  Give this a listen.  I promise you’ll be informed and entertained.   -Greg

Ashleigh Winkie virtual radio interview part one

Ashleigh Winkie Virtual radio interview part two