The Covid-19 stay at home order has expired nationally, and of course, Georgia has been open for a week. But I’ve been a little slow to jump out. Right now, for example, I’m enjoying the 1981 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Philadelphia at Boston. Dr. J vs Larry Bird. Tiny Archibald vs Mo Cheeks. Darryl Dawkins vs The Chief Robert Parrish. One of the best Game Sevens in a league that built its future on intense Game Sevens. Right now I’m quite happy.
But I’m restless. Just like y’all are.

Before I get going in my first post since the lockdown, I have to pause and thank my guest in my last post. Paula Gault, the former Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools and lifetime Forsyth County resident, proved to be a tremendous subject in our interview in late February. Paula took us through FOCO history as she lived it. Starting with her family crossing the Chattahooche to get to Gainesville before Buford Dam was built, to surveying the beginnings of the tremendous growth as Super in the early 90s, Paula gave us a beautiful chat that generated dozens of likes. Then things began to get serious.

As schools shut down and businesses closed, I walked away, more interested in my family than my passion. But I did keep an eye on FoSpo365. And I noticed something. The likes didn’t stop. Throughout the stay at home, Paula’s beautiful narrative of Forsyth County’s growth into 2020 continued to be heard. And liked! Over the last two months, with no promotional effort on my part, Paula Gault’s interview has generated dozens of new likes. It’s as if her warm, positive recollections of this county’s history served as an emotional elixir, keeping us in touch with what we knew as we were swept into the unknown.

So today, as we step from unknown territory back into something more familiar, kind of, I’m taking a moment; A moment to thank Paula for her remarkable gift to this community. Paula you simply gave us something to hold onto in the darkness. Something in our ear that seemed to say “Everything is going to be OK.”

Thanks Paula! Can’t wait to catch up and hear your wisdom on moving forward. BTW if you somehow haven’t heard my conversation with Ms. Gault, I think it defaults at the end of this post. Just keep scrolling.

And so here we go. The GHSA has released High School football schedules from across the state. I’ve been chatting with my South Forsyth broadcast partner and game day producer Doug Thomas. One thing we want to be sure to do right away is get South Head Coach Jeff Arnette and his guitar in front of our mics. Coach brought a great wave of good will with his “just a li’l bit” of John Mellancamp’s “Little Pink Houses” in the middle of the stay at home. I saw it thanks to our good friend Tami Cruz dropping the clip on me like five seconds after Coach tweeted it and I very nearly fell off the bus. That was very cool and now that it’s out there you, me, and the whole state wants some more.
Coach please promise me you won’t make me beg. But know that I ain’t too proud to beg. (Do you know that one?)

Doug and I are working on the set up for our future podcasts. We can guarantee six feet between all participants and clean mic covers. We just can’t go to the school yet. We’re working on the right way to do it. If this means conducting a few chats over the phone I’m sure you’ll forgive us. I doubt we’re going to see spring football so we’ll fill this space with whatever we can. As long as it’s entertaining. Don’t be surprised if you get a text from me. And don’t be shy. Remember, I make everybody sound good. 😁

One last thing. To all you Seniors who missed track and baseball and winter sports playoffs and prom and graduation, know that everybody feels your pain. I’m hoping for some surprises for you as we finish Spring and welcome Summer. God bless, and remember you are all legends now!

PS your uncle Greg set the bar pretty high. 😁

We’ll see you all again soon! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash my hands.